Antiques are the reflection of yesterdays to present day. They are culturally significant pieces which witnesses of joyful and upsetting memories, happy moments, tears and laughters. Fahri Yorulmaz started his career as an antiques seller 25 years ago, encouraged by his sensation to old and aesthetic pieces.


Besides of selling antique and old pieces, Fahri Yorulmaz provides consultancy and connoisseur services. Asır Antik has a variety of pieces; doors, stones, ceiling centre pieces, pools, ornamental pools, marble basin of a Turkish bath, living room and bedroom furniture etc., collected from all over Turkey. Several pieces go through some maintenance before they take their place in the shop and waiting to share their new owners life.


Previously, Antiques Bazaar (Bit Pazari) was located in Bedestan on the Uskudar Port, in time the Bazaar relocated at the back of the old city hall formed by approximately 30 shops. Later on, when Uskudar Municipality began constructing the new city hall, Antiques Bazaar (Bit Pazarı) moved to its current location İnkılap Mahallesi, Büyük Hamam Sokak; waiting for enthusiastic customers.


If you are interested in antiques or old furniture, you should put Asır Antik in your list of places to visit. You sure be welcomed to the Turkish culture. Program Profiling Asır Antik and the Antiques Bazaar


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